Sunday, May 14, 2017

Islam is My ONLY Identity & I Say It Proudly & Unapologetic


 "Fake News" ya wanna see real fake news before it was a hip term to throw around? Well, just Google my name. According to conspiracy theorists, Jew haters & 'Muslim' takferi opponents (both secular & anthropomorphic Wahabi) and their supporters & sympathizers, I am a CIA, FBI, fake al-QaidaMossadagent provocateurAbdullah ibn Sabaʾ al-Ḥimyarī , crypto-Jew. According to most Muslim that live in the virtual parallel universe of the internet, I was/am an extremist. According to the federal judge that sentenced me to 30 months in a federal prison I am a zealot.

 The Rabbinical Jews think I am a lunatic, wife abuser, child abuser etc. etc. and have nothing but disdain, to say the least for me. Indeed there is always the friendly one with a crap-eating grin and an ulterior motive that tries to kick it with me, but the feeling underneath the fake grins are very similar disgust. The difference is I studied Judaism and I learn Islam and most Jews have never studied Islam & use online critiques as a source of their ignorance.

 The secular Jews that I grew up with hate me not only because I have betrayed their faith and the Zionist entity, but because I despise their lifestyles, business models, interest banking, media stronghold, political clout and degenerate Godless, nihilistic influence on society.

 The USAmerican general public and government despise me for not being a patriot. Why should I be? No free education or healthcare. Infrastructure here is rubbish and they could care less about the environment, obviously, the only things their troops fight for is corporate interests and exploitation of our resources and environment. I don't believe all men or women are created equal, and I do not believe in free speech. I believe in a strong yet just Islamic totalitarian leader. My indictment makes it abundantly clear where I stand in their eyes, and their position on me: USA vs. Yousef al-Khattab.

 So here I am a real person with the legal name Yousef al-Khattab. I didn't choose this name because I was ashamed of my Hebrew heritage, no I changed it because I lived in a refugee camp and other Palestinian Territories. Everybody knew who we were in the Palestinian Authority and in Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP, DFLP etc. Our family was registered with the Palestinian Authority and I spoke at many Palestinian events. To the USAmerican keyboard warrior, they would have no idea of knowing this because while we were the first family in the history of the Zionist entity to convert to Islam. While we were living unarmed amongst the Palestinian, they were nice in comfy in a home with hot water and heating and cooking gas run in without propane tanks. They never got to see the Jewish police that beat me behind the Museum in East Jerusalem. They never had to wait 2 times a day by a checkpoint for hours. They never had to watch Rabbinical Jews try to take my family away with M16s in hand.

 Conveniently my parents who copulated and assisted bringing me into this cursed world were both Jews. Sorry white man it wasn't my choice. This convenience worked out VERY well alhumdulillah. Maybe not for me, but whoever said that I am centrepiece of Allah's Plan? My words in support of Islamic law in its entirety can now be attacked by free-market libertarians, comfy Arabs sucking from the tit of the USA economy, Jew haters and contrary to conspiracy theorists beliefs it did not benefit the Jews, rather it was a thorn in their tuchas.

 Call me what you wish, but first and foremost I am a Muslim FULL STOP. Sharia law is the ONLY law I support in totality. While I may hold the Green Party to be more beneficial in many but not all issues that are important to Muslims, I am NOT a Green Party member, I am a Muslim. While I believe in a fair non-corporate free market, I am NOT a capitalist. While I believe in redistribution of some wealth, I do not believe the power is in the people, thus I am NOT a Marxist, I have no love for any of the people mentioned above, but at the same time, I have no hands for them. I am not a treacherous snake that thrives exploiting other peoples freedoms. I am also not a sucker or gimp, I am a convicted violent offender & all that entails. I don't bother anybody and expect the same in return.

My mistake was speaking on behalf of Islam while cofounding and belonging to Revolution Muslim, when I was unqualified to do so. Never once did I tell somebody to hurt anybody. I did make supplications to Allah for the downfall of our enemies but never told ANYBODY to hurt them. I never claimed to be al-Qaida. We were, in fact, the first to propagate openly the jihadi platform we were there before the concept of ISIS even existed, so I am not part of them either.

Unlike my co-founder/co-defendant, I never testified or assisted in any prosecution. Not for a city, state, or any government. My paperwork is on deck, and this name I am typing under is the name you can find me within this actual world. Islam is the solution and Islam is my ONLY identity. Do you still hate me or what I had said pre 2009? Please feel free to comment on what specific things you disagree with. Revolution Muslim was a simmering pile of crap because my Islamic education and political views were immature & dangerous for mental midgets as history as shown. As much as I disagreed the jihadi pseudo-Salafi platform of Abdullah Faisel that I once helped disseminate, I did my time in prison rather than become a government rat. My partner did not and cashed out helping the feds set up those who he helped mould. Because of that, it is safe to conclude that RM was a putrid innovation. What part however of my words did you disagree with?


  1. Hey Bro stay strong you're not alone Allah be with you.

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